Parimatch CS2 Betting in India

Bettors from India have access to the most popular Parimatch CS2 betting markets and events. Whether you are a fan of predicting the outcomes of the biggest competitions like the ESL Pro League or looking for some entertainment in the non-famous leagues, you will definitely find whatever you need inside.

Start Parimatch betting on CS2 now and choose from a huge range of tournaments with the sportsbook.

Parimatch CS2 Betting in India

Counter-Strike 2 Tournaments and Events for Parimatch Bettors

This the most popular FPS shooter attracts lots of cyber sportsmen from India and all over the globe, which means that local bettors can expect plenty of events throughout the season. Similar to many other esports disciplines, the events are divided into several categories, with the S-Tier tournaments gathering top squads like Team Liquid or Heroic and attracting them with huge prize pools, while the C-Tier are the lowest-ranked events with the smallest rewards and underdog teams.

Whatever you choose, you can expect an uncompromising struggle, which makes Parimatch Counter-Strike 2 India betting even more exciting. Some of the top-tier competitions include:

  • Perfect World Shanghai Major;
  • Blast Premier;
  • ESL Pro League Season;
  • YaLLa Compass;
  • Intel Extreme Masters, and a lot more.
Counter-Strike 2 Tournaments and Events at Parimatch in India

How to Place a Bet on Parimatch CS2

The first bet on Parimatch Counter-Strike 2 can be placed right after you create an account with the bookmaker and deposit at least INR 200. Keep in mind that in order to make a profile there, you need to be 18 or older according to Indian law. A detailed guide on how to place bets on CS2 with the sportsbook is provided below:

  1. Head to the bookmaker’s website or launch the mobile app.
  2. Complete registration by providing your phone number and creating a strong password or log in if you have already signed up.
  3. Top up your balance with Indian rupees if it is empty.
  4. Back to the main page, and press Upcoming Events in the menu at the top of the page.
  5. Select Esports in the sub-menu.
  6. Pick CS2 on the left side of the screen and choose a tournament.
  7. Make a choice about a particular match and betting market.
  8. Settle the bet in the betslip on the right side of the screen and pick the bet type if you have added 2 or more outcomes, then press Place a Bet.
How to place a bet on Counter-Strike 2 at Parimatch

Live Counter-Strike 2 Betting in India

Whether you are late for a particular match or want to feel more excitement by trying to select an esports market in a constantly changing odds environment, this sub-category is suitable for you. Watch live streams of matches between CS2 teams, delve into detailed statistics offered by Parimatch, and make the final decision when you think the course of the match is favorable enough for you.

With Parimatch, you can even bet on live matches where Gods Reign or Revenant Esports participate.

Live CS2 betting at Parimatch in India

Advantages of Counter-Strike 2 Betting on Parimatch

Whatever your expectations of Parimatch Counter-Strike 2 betting are, you will be surprised by the fact that the bookmaker can always give you even more. Lots of benefits are waiting for Indian bettors. Some of the key ones are listed below:

  • Over 100 events to bet on CS2, from S-Tier to C-Tier tournaments, are covered by the sportsbook;
  • Bettors will find dozens of the most popular betting markets (Total, Handicap, 1×2, and so on) and even some exotic ones like Race to Rounds or Pistol Round Winner;
  • The sportsbook allows you to choose between a single bet and a parlay, which increases the possible payout but makes the process riskier;
  • Players can have access to placing bets on Parimatch Counter-Strike 2 from anywhere with a responsive, consistent, and secure mobile app;
  • The sportsbook offers safe services and works in compliance with international betting policies being regulated by the government of Curacao.
Advantages of Counter-Strike 2 betting on Parimatch for Indians

Parimatch Bonus for Counter-Strike 2 Betting

No bonuses are offered for Parimatch Counter-Strike 2 at the moment except for the 150% welcome bonus that can bring you a solid sum of up to 20,000 INR. Moreover, the sportsbook is famous in India for its generosity, and it adds various promotions from time to time. Therefore, you should follow the news by subscribing to the newsletter or notifications to learn about the latest bonuses among the first. Check out both general sports/esports promotions and special offers related to CS2 that may also appear.

Parimatch Bonuses for Counter-Strike 2 betting

Counter-Strike 2 Betting Tips

There is no strategy to provide you with 100% chances of success when you place CS2 bets on Parimatch. The results of each match are random, even if the tips are scaled to one team’s favor; everything can change in a couple of seconds with an occasional headshot. However, this does not prevent bettors from using recommendations and tips to improve their chances:

  • Learn statistics. Find out more about a team’s previous performance, including the head-to-head stats with the current rival. Check the squad’s roster and look through the players’ personal achievements. Consider that some CS2 players often change teams;
  • Go through a variety of betting markets to pick one that is suitable for you. Don’t limit yourself to the winner of the match option, as there are plenty of other interesting opportunities in Parimatch;
  • Proper budgeting is the key. Betting is entertainment, so you should set an amount that you are ready to spend on it daily, weekly, and monthly. It should not interfere with your family spending, financial plans for the future, etc.;
  • Try live betting from time to time. In order to diversify your strategies, you can use this feature and try to find the most attractive odds.
CS2 betting tips at Parimatch for Indians


What is the Difference between Parimatch Counter-Strike 2 Single Bet and Parlay?

The difference between both is that the first option allows you to add only one betting market to the betslip, while the second features several of them. To win a parlay, you need to be right in predicting all the outcomes there.

Can I Bet on CS 2 via my Smartphone?

Yes, you can. Indian players with Android and iOS smartphones can download and install the Parimatch mobile app. As an alternative, you can bet on Parimatch Counter-Strike 2 via the mobile version of the website.