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Betting in India is big business, and with the entire esports industry estimated at over $500 million a year, and growing, we can only guess how much is being wagered on professional video games with offshore betting sites.

Electronic sports are a new addition to the online gaming world and are focused on the competitive video game scene. With Parimatch, it’s easy and straightforward to bet on several different sports, including Starcraft II, Dota 2, LoL, CSGO, and Fortnite. Parimatch mobile app and website it’s the best platform who offers a high-level betting experience with more than 20 certified sports.

Parimatch CS:GO Betting

Parimatch CS:GO Betting

CSGO betting is conducted the same way that betting on conventional sports does. But for placing a bet on Cs Go on parimatch follow the instruction:

  • When you are placing a bet on CSGO, don’t be overconfident that you will win every bet.
  • Check the rating on all over the web, but also have expert advice on matches.
  • Watch various matches to get an idea of ​​how the game is going and pay attention to: playstyles, plans, conversation, team form and individual players;
  • Create your betting line in your head. Factor of: match history, current team form, one-on-one statistics and general statistics.

All gambling revolves around risk versus reward. The best bets to make are those where you don’t risk much, but the payoff is relatively substantial.

So, if you are interested in betting on CSGO, register on the Cs Go betting site,

Parimatch India Provides Various CS:GO Betting Odds and Markets

Parimatch Bonus for Counter Strike:Global Offensive Bettors

Giving bonuses is a popular way to attract new players to the site, and many online sites offer bonuses. These bonuses work in different ways, and depending on the site you are playing on!

Parimatch offers a welcome bonus of up to ₹20,000 to new players and customers betting with them for the first time, which can only be activated and accessible with the first deposit after registration. Meanwhile, the company continues to offer promotions and incentives to all players – old and new.

What you need to know about Parimatch bonuses:

  • The maximum bonus is ₹20,000.
  • The bonus comes with the first deposit.
  • The bonus intervenes within 72 hours after the first deposit.
  • The bonus can be withdrawn if a player can place a bet up to ten times using a minimum of 1.5 odds. The total amount of all ten bets must be equivalent to the amount of the bonus you want to get.
  • There is a withdrawal limit on the amount for all players.

In addition to these bonuses, there are also notable bonuses for tournaments and casino games.

Parimatch India Bonuses for Counter-Strike Betting

Why Parimatch is the Best CS GO Betting Website?

Parimatch is one of the best CS:GO betting sites for Indians as it supports Indian Rupees as betting money, has a world-class reputation as a safe and secure online betting objective. It focuses on eSports bets, which include live odds and pre-games for bettors to advance monetary stakes and make profits. It has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be worthy of the praise that has been paid to them by various enthusiasts and consumers.

Besides, Parimatch has become a partner of the next EPICENTER Counter-Strike: Global Series event. Plus recently, it has partnered with ESforce Holding, the parent company of EPICENTER, to launch its own Dota 2 league.

Why Parimatch is the best choice to bet at CS:GO