Parimatch Lottery for Indian Players

Parimatch introduces lotteries to players from India. This type of casino game is one of the most popular among local gamblers. The most important thing is to choose the right game variant to maximize your enjoyment.
Find out exactly what Parimatch Casino has to offer in terms of the Indian lottery and become a part of it to play for INR.

Play the lottery at Parimatch online casino

Types of Lotteries from Parimatch

Parimatch Casino is a reliable site that provides access to multiple lottery games. Among them, there are more popular and less famous versions. The most notable variants are:

  • Keno;
  • Space Lotto;
  • Lucky 7;
  • Mega 6.
Types of lottery games on Parimatch India


Everyone who is looking for not just a boring lottery, but a dynamic battle should pay attention to Keno. The game is extremely simple and exciting, which can give an incredible gambling experience to players. Users can choose up to 10 numbers, and their task is to guess the correct one. If players are unsure of their choice, they can leave the number selection to the random number generator. This is a special program that will pick a number for you in a completely random way. Once the gambler clicks on the Bet, it’s just a matter of keeping an eye on whether the bet wins or not.

Keno has a simple interface, which will allow even a beginner to easily get involved in the game, and the possibility of winning real INR will only add interest to the game.

Play Keno at Parimatch

Space Lotto

One of the most beautiful games among lotteries, Space Lotto is worth mentioning. Now users from India don’t have to buy tickets as in a regular game. They just have to guess the right combination of numbers, which will be further displayed on the screen.

It is very easy to do this because, at the bottom of the playing field, there is an opportunity to choose as many as 6 numbers. Once this is done, you should click on the orange area labeled Spin. A distinctive feature of Space Lotto is that you need to guess all the numbers at once to win. The casino will award money for each guessed number.

Play Space Lotto at Parimatch

Parimatch Mobile App

Parimatch has a handy app for users who want to play lotteries via their smartphone. This allows players to feel the excitement of playing this game at any convenient time.

It is also worth noting that this app also provides other types of casino games like live casino, slots, etc. All this is available to users of Android and iOS devices.

Parimatch mobile app for playing lottery

How to Install the Program

Users can easily install the Parimatch mobile app on their gadgets. The easiest way to do this is to follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Open the Parimatch website on your computer and click the option to install the application in the footer.
  2. Find the QR code there and scan it with your smartphone.
  3. You will be prompted to save an APK or IPA file – accept it.
  4. After that, visit the Download folder on your phone and open the downloaded file.
  5. Agree to the installation of the application and wait for it to finish.
  6. There will be a new icon on your desktop and you will be able to access the application by tapping on it.
  7. Log in to your account or create one, then find a lottery game you are interested in and play for fun.
Instructions for Indians on how to install Parimatch applications


Is it worth choosing Parimatch to play lotteries?

Definitely yes. It is a gambling site that has the necessary license to provide services. Also, an important benefit is that the online casino is absolutely legal in India.

What strategy should I use to win the Parimatch lottery?

No strategy will allow you to win without losing. However, you can take advantage of other Indian players’ tips and strategies that can supposedly help increase your chances of possibly winning.

What if I can’t log into my account through the mobile app to gamble lotteries?

First, check that you have entered your login information correctly. If everything is correct, then contact the support team, whose agents will help you solve the problem.